“A Little Mistake With Praxis II Study Guides That Cost Me $35,647.00 In First Year Teacher Salary”


Praxis II study guide tutoring


“I was unsure how to get ready for the Praxis II a few months ago. I learned the real cost of not doing right the first time. I missed out on the teaching position I was anticipating this year. The cost = $36,647.00 first year salary, not to mention all the other things I could be doing rather than deal with this exam again.”


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-James Stevens,

New Teacher/Passed
the Praxis II exam

Do You Have To Take The Praxis II Test?


Praxis II test preparation is required to get your teacher certification


Test takers who pass-the-Praxis II earn a healthy salary, an exciting, fun career, job security and the ability to help students live better lives. Your 3 months of vacation per year gives you more time for family, friends and fun.


Don't want to go through the Praxis II study ringer a second or third time due to failing scores? Avoid getting beat-over the head because you lack a 'simple system' to pass.


If you think study guides for the Praxis II and testing fees are expensive imagine not passing and delaying your teaching career one year or longer. With first year starting salary approaching $40,000.00 with full benefits, that's expensive!


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study guide tutor Praxis II prep study Praxis II test study

Mark Robertson, lead presenter at a recent “Instant
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If you're like me you find the popular, cookie-cutter Praxis II exam study guides sold in bookstores do NOT cover the REAL Praxis II test. The popular, widely used Praxis II guides and their practice questions from Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble are much easier and simplistic than the ACTUAL test…


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You can avoid getting the doors of teacher certificationing slammed in your face. I wasted a year of my life and over $37,000 in first year teacher salary trying to pass. My story shows what NOT to do if you want to succeed on your Praxis II test.


DON'T be another victim. You NEVER want to make the 'little mistakes' I see every day that cause thousands to suffer the heart-ripping consequences of Praxis II study failure.

NOT Another Praxis II Study Guide


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You know the “Praxis II test” is a standardized test. That means the same content is tested over and over again. — That's why Praxis II test takers who fail over and over again eventually pass after 5-7 times. You see, you can eventually learn the real test questions and how to do your Praxis II study if you take the exam over and over again over time over 2-3 years.


The Problem Is: Who has the time or money to take your exam 5-7 times and wait a year or more to get in the classroom and start living your passion?


You WON'T Find Your Key To A Successful Teaching Career In:

  • A mass produced cookie-cutter Praxis II guide written by ivory tower PhD's or publishing company staff editors,
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  • Surfing the internet for good free Praxis II practice questions that DON'T exist or…
  • An expensive $214.00 Praxis II test prep class

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“How I Aced My Praxis II With A Dumb Idea”


Praxis II preparation guide “After getting your Praxis II test study guide and practice questions, you gave me the 'heads-up' in my weak areas. Your Praxis II test questions were very approximate to what I saw on the real thing. I didn't have to insult my intelligence after years of college and read books like 'What Your 6th Grader Needs to Know' for what's supposed to be a professional exam.”


“Friends in my certification program thought it was dumb not to do all the things everyone does to study for the Praxis II exam. (About half of them failed.) My test mentor gave me a recipe to follow which made everything stress free, allowed me to finally stop worrying about the test and just pass.”


-Dave Johnson,
Passed the Praxis II Mathematics test

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Praxis II test prep study guides …”But when I got my passing Praxis II score…… you can guess their reaction. Your Praxis II study guide and test coaching system helped me “out think” the traps on an exam where almost anything is 'fair game'.
You gave me the confidence I needed to pass.”


-Sandy Barnes,
School District Staff Member
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“Who Else Am I Going To Ask For Praxis II Help When I Need It?”


Praxis II prep study guide “I found your materials, fresh and updated. I'm glad someone can make new updates for exam changes!”


“I never thought a test coaching program would make much difference. Once I got into real Praxis II prep I found there are a lot of things to know that nobody else has the balls to tell you. Who else am I going to ask for help when I need it?”


-Nick Ugette,
Education Student
Used Test Coaching, Passed The Praxis II on the 1st try

“I Was Running-Out Of Time”


Praxis II preparation book “I was ready for a program that would get me results and certified in Social Studies. I just need to pass the Praxis II writing section. I wanted to get respect from co-workers who are certified. Many of my co-workers acted as though if I am sub-human.


I took the Praxis II before and failed by 12 points, which almost resulted in getting fired from my teaching job. I was running out of time and needed all the help I could get. Thanks to your Praxis II exam study guides you boosted me up to the passing-zone in only 2 weeks!”


-Alice Faye Toler,
New Teacher/former GOLD Member
Passed the Praxis II

Praxis II prep book “Grew To Appreciate Praxis II Test Coaching”


“I have been teaching for 18 years, but needed to pass the Special Education Test to help students who need me most. Teaching is my calling and I was born to be a teacher. I really needed to pass so I could focus on my teaching career and not trying to find schemes to pass the Praxis II. I value being able to succeed, even if I have to pay extra to do so!!”


“At first I didn't believe your test coaching part was for me. I've been teaching in the classroom for years. I'm more of a 'do-it-yourselfer'/self-study, but critical questions about the test content came up. I even decided to upgrade to the GOLD Package as I ended up having lots of help questions and found it was so convenient to just send my questions by e-mail and get the answers in writing for future reference. Your test coaches always responded in less than 12 hours when I had a question about Praxis II exam content, how to prepare and how to pass.”


-Mrs. Julie F. Magday,
Passed the Praxis II test

Praxis II practice tests online “The Test Had The Exact Same Topics As Your Praxis II Test Study Guide”


“I want to help young people gain self-esteem, confidence and realize their dreams through physical education. I also needed to create a better future for myself by becoming a licensed teacher. I graduated 3 years ago and was getting very frustrated by this exam because I failed it 5 times. I almost gave up on teaching. However I just passed the Praxis II 3 months ago and have already secured a teaching position for the upcoming school year. Thanks”


“I had to use my time wisely and clear the clutter of junk material that does not appear on the real exam. Success means I study what is actually on the test. Failure means I ripped myself off wasting weeks/months studying the wrong content because I tried to scrimp and save a few measly bucks. I can't afford to lose another 3-6 months of my life trying to pass all over again. Your test help allowed to me to make sure I'm covering all my bases and not gambling my future.”


-Kellie Brown Grider,
Former GOLD Package Member
Passed the Praxis II Physical Education test

Praxis II practice study guide “I Only Wish It Had Been The First Praxis II Study Guide I Got”


“I moved from job to job, and finally have settled on teaching. My reason to pass the Praxis II test is for 3 purposes: 1.) I really want a 'career' not a job, 2.) it's important to find something you really like to do (work with kids/make a difference) and 3.) I needed to pass this test to get secure employment. Your Praxis II practice material is very well organized, gives the student/teacher plenty of practice tests, and provides a thorough review. It was the third test prep book I purchased. I only wish it would have been the first study guide I got as I would have needed to look no further!”


-Sonya Shearer,
New Teacher
Passed the Praxis II test

Praxis II test study guide help “I Am Ready To Fulfill My Dream Of Becoming A High School English Teacher”


“I had to pass the Praxis II English in order to get my certification and continue with my career path. You know this assessment doesn't reflect your teaching ability or even the curriculum knowledge. But regardless I needed to pass to get a teaching job I've worked so hard for up until this point. I wanted to get married and buy a house, but really couldn't do it on substitute teacher salary.”


“I was so sick of the cycle of failing my test. I tried everything, I mean everything before I used your No Risk, 6 Month Money Back Guarantee on a trial basis. I had to do some Praxis II study, but your stuff was the most like the actual test! Finally, I am ready to fulfill my dream of becoming a high school English teacher. How do I get fully trained in the 'Praxis II secret' so I can become a Test Score Breakthrough's Test Coach?”


-Luis Norris Vega Vega,
Praxis II 'GOLD Package' Client
English Teacher

Praxis II study manual “Laziest Test Taker Alive”


“After all day in the classroom I just wanted to relax in front of the TV and veg-out. It was really hard for me to crack another book and prepare for the Praxis II. Your Praxis II test loopholes showed me how to get 100% prepared in just a few minutes per day. Test coach Kim kicked me a little to keep me going and get me across the finish line. Now that I got my teacher certification after a satisfying, happy day I can relax and am free to do whatever I want.”


-Raquel Misterek,
Passed the Praxis II test using Test Coaching

how to pass the Praxis II “Absolutely Terrified Of The Praxis II”


“I'd get a sinking butterfly feeling every time I thought about this exam. I didn't study correctly on my first try. But then I didn't know what to review with all the Praxis II preparation gossip and lies out there. You showed me effective ways to cut down my test taking anxiety and deal with the geometry. You made me feel a lot better during this whole test prep process. I think it helped me to focus on passing rather than allow my fear to consume me. Due to the Test Score Breakthrough guidance I passed last May.”


-Maureen Blankenship,
New Teacher
Used The Praxis II '7 Day Comprehensive Success System' to Pass the Praxis II Mathematics exam

how to pass the Praxis II test “A Realistic 'Praxis II Exam Readiness Assessment' And Test Success Plan”


“I would've had a much harder time had I not used your Praxis II study guide to review. Your guide reviewed all materials needed to succeed. There are samples of all the types of questions you'll see on test day; sample essay questions and different level graded essays. When I took the test a few weeks ago my essay topic was one of the exact topics from your study guide! Your multiple choice Praxis II practice tests are super helpful.”


“My 'Testing Readiness Assessment' and 'Praxis II Test Success Plan' completed by a Test Coach in the GOLD Package Membership are realistic. I was able to discover where my weak areas really were (not exactly what I imagined) and take simple steps to propel myself to a passing Praxis II score.”


-Timothy Yarbrough,
Current Licensed Teacher
Passed the Praxis II test

best Praxis II preparation “How 'Apply' The Info. To Real Praxis II Exam Questions”


“I was able to finish each section with time left over because I had the knowledge organized in my head with the confidence of studying and taking your practice tests. Your system focused on how to manipulate the test to extract the correct answer even when you aren't totally sure. A test taker's content knowledge is totally worthless if you don't know the method to apply it on your Praxis II test. It' nice to exploit the test's weaknesses than just be another Praxis II victim. See ya in the classroom.”


-Katie J. Garana, MA Education,
Former Praxis II Test Coaching Client
Current Licensed Teacher

study guide for Praxis II testing “Got Me Organized Before It Was Too Late”


“I felt your suggestions, summaries and outlines were very helpful in getting me organized to pass this Praxis II Mathematics test. I highly recommend this as a tool. Found the two full length practice tests very helpful. Unlike other Praxis II study guides I was able to practice pacing myself in a realistic practice test. The advice offered in Test Coaching makes everything less stressful. My test coach also allowed me to make the most out of the little time I had to pass (Only 2 weeks!). Thanks again to test coach Jennifer”.


-Paul Ornstein,
-Eric Coffield,
Passed the Praxis II Mathematics test

Praxis II study materials “How I Passed The 1st Time”


“Failing the Praxis II test can cost $40,000.00 in first year teacher salary and benefits. That could be the most expensive mistake of my life! I decided to spend $220 in test preparation materials and not take any chances due to my miscalculations and inexperienced Praxis II prep knowledge.”


“The mistake I see a lot of test takers making is having such a short-term view: They think Praxis II study materials are an expense when it's an investment. They can only see the test when it is 2 weeks away. They don't allow enough time to prepare and be successful. Then it rips their heart out when they realize that they've just delayed their dream life; the opportunity to get hired for the next school year is lost”.


-Paul Ornstein,
-Cindy C. Broussand,
Former Praxis II 'GOLD Package' Client
Passed the Praxis II Mathematics test

Praxis II guide “I Didn't Have To Fail First To Tell My Success Story”


“I just completed the Praxis II Science test and found the exam to be almost pathetically easy after reviewing your study guide for the Praxis II for 3 weeks. Trust me, I'm not a good test taker and usually a 'C' student. Everything you need to know for the exam is covered in these study materials without stealing my precious time. The particular test I took had a lot more interpretation of graphs which you covered without drowning me in more information than I needed to pass”.


-Paul Ornstein,
New Teacher
Passed the Praxis II test using Test Score Breakthrough's study guide and test coaching system

Praxis II study guide book “100% Money Back Guarantee”


“I first heard of your Praxis II study guide from other substitute teachers in my school district usually in the lunch room. I registered for the '7 Day Comprehensive Success System' membership last February. The Praxis II study materials were easy to use and helpful. It turns out I'm going for a special education certification and didn't need the Math guide and test coaching anymore. Test Score Breakthrough honored their no questions asked 100% money back guarantee and I got my refund in 24 hours”.


-Michelle Loubierre,
Former Praxis II Test Coaching Client and New Teacher

Praxis II testing dates “Only Needed Praxis II Practice Questions…Or So I Thought”


Honestly, I only signed-up for your Praxis II test preparation membership because I wanted practice questions. I really didn't feel I needed any other help like test coaching. However, some important questions came up over the last few weeks of my Praxis II review. With so much material and so little time I asked my assigned test coach how I should allocate my limited time. I felt so overwhelmed and stressed-out with my test only 12 days away. Your team of test coaches stopped my head from spinning and I got the most out my almost non-existent time. I almost can't believe I passed“.


-Shawn Ancaya,
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Advice To Praxis II Test Takers Who's
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Could the cost of failure equal one year of lost teacher salary? Are bookstore “Praxis II study guides” really cheap if it causes you to fail? Don't throw-out nearly $40,000.00 in first year salary by Praxis II test prep procrastination. Cut-out all the 'tiny mistakes' that cause thousands to fail each Praxis II test date.


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Is having more time to review really the solution? Can you afford to waste time studying a “brain dump” of information overload? You can get millions of pages of academic content through free internet searches. However, it won't help you pass your Praxis II test.


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I hand you “Mirror-like” Praxis II practice test questions and confidential test content. Your key to success is that you get your Praxis II broken-down into simple, plain English WITHOUT boring and long-winded jargon.


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“I first heard of your Praxis II study guide in the Fall of 2010 when a student teacher presented it to me as something our district should purchase for new teacher support.


At first, I wasn't sure about your program because it wasn't a common name in our district. You seemed like a very assertive firm. However, later I was reminded that that is the basis for your whole program, a guerrilla approach to passing that works without millions of dollars allocated to 'junk mail' marketing to students, school districts and universities. Therefore, you are able to pass on more value to the end consumer most of whom are on a budget or going through a budget crisis.”


The students enjoy your course and most are passing with your program which is a big improvement.”


Kathy Anderson,

Reading Staff Development Trainer and Coordinator for Educational Purchasing

Can A Praxis II Test Coach Really Help Boost You Up To The Passing-Zone?


Mentors, teachers and coaches help people achieve high levels of success by saving you time, struggle and humiliation. So, why not in Praxis II test preparation?


You'll discover a test coach dramatically EXPLODES your test score to passing much faster and easier than the typical test preparation methods or Praxis II study guide books you've probably tried already.


You know it's impossible to receive ongoing support from a preparation class or a generic Praxis II study guide from the bookstore. Only a former Praxis II test taker who passed your exact test can give you the 'behind-the-scenes' help you need to succeed.


Face it. Who will you ask your Praxis II help questions that are critical for your passing score?


…A flimsy paper book or other people who really don't know?


Why Teachers To Help You Pass?


teachers work with the K-12 curriculum every day. The Praxis II was written under the consultation of educators. Some essay sections are scored by current teachers. A certified teacher 'insider' gives you a guilt-free edge to pass-the-Praxis II.


What If You Think You DON'T Have The Time For This Test Success System?


Most clients SAVE 2-5 weeks of study time over cookie-cutter “Praxis II study guides” from bookstores. Some save as much as two years of wasted time. How? By averting 'blind-spots' that would've caused them to make repeated errors over 3-7 passing attempts.


Do you have the time to put this off another day?


Can You Afford The Price Of NOT Passing Your Praxis II Test?


Many former clients who passed tell me this entire program should cost at least $500.00. That would be a very cheap ticket to an exciting new career starting at nearly $40,000.00 and a life-time of rewards.


How much will it cost you if you fail the Praxis II and delay your teaching career another year?


My test coach colleagues and I learned the hard way so you DON'T have to. I paid a high price through the expensive cost of failure and career set-backs to expose the Praxis II study secrets to you need to succeed.


100% Updated For The NEWEST
Version Of Your Praxis II Test!


   You get actual test content, practice questions and personal test coaching help 100% updated for the latest version of the Praxis II exam. It takes many hours of grueling work every month to constantly update each Praxis II study guide and our Test Coaching system as changes are made by the test developers.


How To Pass Your Praxis II
For The Lowest Price


   This is cheaper than other “Praxis II test preparation” methods because you don't need to buy 2-3 study guides to supplement your studies. (Everything you need is right here!)


You know people pay a lot more for dumb things that have no impact on their future, but wouldn't dare invest money to improve their life. — That's why they're not going anywhere in life.


You won't find a Praxis II 'success system' created by educators who passed any other place. You certainly won't find a Praxis II study guide and Test Coaching system developed from the input of over 31,000 former test takers anywhere else.


This Praxis II study guide system is ONLY available from this website. There are only a small number of memberships available before each Praxis II testing due to the rigorous experience requirements to be a test coach.


So claim your copy to guarantee your passing Praxis II score now!


For ALL-The-Details About This Praxis II Study Guide And Test Coaching Click Below Right Now!


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